Hello! I’m Caroline Cameron, executive coach, and welcome to Possibility to Reality (aka P2R) where aspiring professionals and evolving organisations learn how to harness the power of change to achieve success.

I help individuals and teams across the corporate and private business, government and non-profit sectors achieve their personal, professional and organisational goals.  Taking the angst and struggle out of change, I make it simpler, quicker and easier to create the future you want.


Master Certified, Award Winning Professional Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker

With first hand experience gained from front line to executive level roles across 22+ industries, 85+ organisations, 10 career and 16 job changes, I’ve lived it all!

Failed change projects, career frustration, work life stress and a growing sense that there must be an simpler way to achieve success made me determined to discover the secret to making change easier.

But that’s jumping ahead in the story.

Here’s how it all started…


Working for an IT consultancy focusing on the ‘people’ side of change, I was brought in to help whenever there was an acquisition, merger, system implementation, restructure, service or process redesign. “Caro’s here… we must be changing again!”

Wherever I went, people always seemed to struggle with change. Frustration, stress, deadline fueled pressure and fractured relationships were the norm, leaving piles of ‘dead bodies’ and career casualties in its wake. More often than not, the very benefits the change was designed to create were never realised.


I became increasingly aware that how we do business isn’t the easiest way or best to make change happen. One day (to prove my theory), I inserted a short passage from Alice In Wonderland into the middle of a Change Management Strategy I’d been slaving over for a large corporate client.

I sent the document to the Executive team to review and scheduled a meeting to have it approved. The 8 very senior and busy executives were jovial as the meeting started. Signing off the strategy was a major milestone completed – a tick in the box on the project plan!

As unanimous approval was received and they prepared to move on to the next agenda item, I drew their attention to the rogue passage and curiously asked how Lewis Carroll’s inadvertent contribution had helped. Sheepishly, they all admitted they’d only read the Executive Summary!

Don’t get me wrong, written communication is very important but lengthy documents, tedious workshops and copious emails don’t make change happen…. So what does?

This defining moment sparked my determination to discover a way to make change easier and more successful.


Realising that it’s what people believe, think, say, choose and do that drives success, I embarked on a year’s intensive professional coaching training.

I was amazed at how powerful, yet surprisingly simple, approaches could totally shift individuals and teams from stuck to successful in moments, not years!


I started Possibility to Reality in 2005 to move ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. I’ve been honored to help hundreds of professional people, teams and businesses test the limits, break the shackles and blow open the opportunities that create outstanding success and their results inspire me.

My ‘make change easy’ journey has taken me all round Australia and the world.

Coaching senior executives in Melbourne, young entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, journalists in the Daintree Rainforest, local government leaders in Western Australia, clients from Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand and working with coaches from the UK, America and Dubai – they all share one thing…

They all have a strong desire to make their difference count and awareness that only they can make it happen.

And that’s how I help.

Together we build on your strengths, expand your awareness and strengthen your ability to achieve your personal and professional goals.